Feel the healing touch of our extremely skilled team of Registered Massage Therapists. Receipts are available upon request for health insurance programs.

Regular therapeutic massage sessions can help to alleviate the effects of stress in the body. Massage induces relaxation. Being in a relaxed state of being triggers the body to lower heart rate and blood pressure, increases digestion, and releases tight muscles.
Over time, the body will be able to adapt more effectively to the rigors of stress. Also, the regular massage will help boost a wonderful sense of well being and works to enhance the immune system.

massage therapy

30 Minutes $52.00
45 Minutes $62.00
60 Minutes $72.00
90 Minutes $102.00

Relaxation Massage
A full body massage that is gentle, soothing and inspires relaxation. If you need more relief in a specific area – just ask.

Therapeutic Massage
This deep tissue massage includes a consultation to determine the best treatment for therapy. Therapeutic massage targets specific areas of tension or for injury recovery.

Prenatal Massage
Mothers to be will benefit from personalized techniques to relieve common pregnancy discomforts. Prenatal massage promotes safe well being of mother and child.

Hot Stone Massage *
Enjoy deeper dimensions of relaxation. Melt away stress and tension as balance is brought to your body and spirit. Using heated stones in conjunction with massage muscles are more relaxed and tension more easily relieved. 60 Minutes $ 100.00


Relieves fatigue
Increases immune function
Reduces tension and anxiety
Prevents and relieves stiffness/soreness of muscles
Calms the nervous system
Helps prevent & relieve muscle cramps/spasms
Promotes a sense of relaxation & renewed energy
Soothes tired muscles
Increases metabolism
Nurtures the body and mind
Relaxes and refreshes the muscles
Enhances mobility and increases range of motion
Hastens healing
Improved immune response
Improves circulation of the blood & lymph nodes
Prevention of muscle atrophy
Prevents and reduces development of adhesions and excessive scarring following trauma
Improves detoxifying functions of the lymphatic system